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Does writing require a high degree of education?

Writing does not require a high degree of education, but you must read more and write more. Coordinating an essay reasonably helps an homeworkforyou to contribute the writing extents of energy the right way.

Writing is of course very important, and "writing" here refers to output. But how can there be output without input? That is to say, you should read more books of all kinds, and then take notes. If there is input, there will be output, so that knowledge can be internalized into our own.

Just as Chen Chunhua, a professor at Peking University National School of Development, said in "Value Symbiosis": "Knowledge is a verb, not a noun."

We only have to understand and apply what we have learned, so that it can belong to us, and it is what we really learned. 

So don't think about it every day, but take action, and develop the habit of reading and writing notes every day. In this way, there is both input and output. If you persist for a while, you will find that you don't have to work so hard when writing things. So how can we develop the habit of reading books every day?

First, read 5 minutes of books every day. To be honest, I can squeeze out five minutes to read a few pages when I go to the bathroom, and I'll give myself an excuse to say that I am busy and have no time. Paper books are inconvenient. You can read e-books.

You can read many books for free in the next WeChat reading app. After watching for 5 minutes a day for a week, add another 5 minutes, which is 10 minutes a day. Slowly you will find that you can read books for an hour a day. So the habit is formed little by little.

Second, write reading notes. Some people say I can’t write, so why? In fact, it’s very simple, just write down the words or sentences you saw when you read this five-minute book, and then write your own understanding and perception of the words or sentences, or write that it is related to the knowledge you have learned Related and so on. Let me talk about WeChat reading.

I am not advertising it. I am a senior user and think it is really easy to use. WeChat reading can be crossed, this thought, comment, and then you can directly share the circle of friends, you can also generate pictures, it is very convenient to take notes.

The third is to post on different platforms. Friends or strangers see your reading notes and feelings, and they are on the same frequency as them, and they will comment and like you, which will increase your motivation to read and write notes. Right when an understudy starts writing an essay without following the conceptualizing cycle, it thinks about what I should do now to essay bot completely.

Also, learning to read is a social activity, and you can also participate in some shared reading camps, where everyone reads together and encourages each other to supervise each other, which is also very good.

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